Frequently Asked Questions

When is CANCEL THE WEDDING coming out?

The scheduled release date is August 5, 2014. That happens to be one day after school starts for my girls. Yes, I know that’s too early for school to start, but they didn’t ask me. Also, my oldest will be starting high school. I can’t believe it either. Someone send me chocolate.

Will you come to my book club?

If you’ll have me then I would love to come! Assuming that I can, of course. I mean, if you live in Canada I probably can’t get there on a weeknight. I don’t really know what to do as an author at a Book Club but I’m sure we can figure it out together. Plus I think you Book Clubbers drink a lot of wine so you may not notice what I’m doing anyway. Email me and we’ll see what works.

Will you be doing readings or book signings?

I believe so, but I don’t have the schedule yet. Seeing as the release date is right after school starts and I’ll have two girls fighting over school clothes…I may just head out on a book tour road trip whether I’m invited or not. I’ll just start driving around the southeast and stop when I run low on gas. Check back for updated schedules or pleas for help.

I have other questions for you, where can I reach you?

Email me. I’m happy to answer questions or just chat!